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About Us

What is The Beef Initiative?

The Beef Initiative is a trade group focused on decentralizing and making our food supply more localized, redundant and secure, and improving the quality of our food through pure animal protein and sound money, which is a critical input to achieving food security.

Ultimately, the Beef Initiative is about providing market access to producers and consumers and anyone in that supply chain who understands and prioritizes the importance of food integrity and sound money in the pursuit of living healthier and happier lives.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the health and security of our local communities through the expansion of market access to quality animal protein by building decentralized networks of values-aligned ranchers, processors, distributors, butchers, grocers, restaurants, and consumers and providing access to the tools necessary, including bitcoin, to form more secure localized food supply chains.


Showcase solutions for healthier lives and healthier budgets- through local cooperation.


Assist TBI members who seek to build local relationships with: Farmers, Processors, Shippers, Chefs, and Families.

How it works

Easy to use. Really

Source your beef locally, by the pound or by the cow. Pay with bitcoin.

Explore the platform.


The Sovereign Individual

The Beef Initiative is a grassroots movement intertwined with the self-sovereign ideology of Bitcoin. We strive to connect you with the source of your food, to help you decentralize your lifestyle.


Join the movement

It’s time to do our part and support the strategy to create a citadel of the mind for food intelligence. Commit yourself to buying your beef from a local rancher. Encourage them to adopt Bitcoin as a means of peer-to-peer payment.


Leverage Bitcoin

Earn bitcoin rewards by using Oshi.

Oshi helps local business and consumers leverage the bitcoin network to empower their community.

Find it on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

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Start taking bitcoin payments at the speed of lightning.

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