My proud Texas heritage runs seven generations deep. I grew up under the same roof as my Grandpa Frank; he was a tall and quiet man who knew how to work the land and harvest his hard work to benefit those around him. He taught me to be patient, respectful, and look for the well-being of others. His table was always overflowing with family, friends, and food. Our meat was locally sourced and food grown on our land. It was a time that changed quite quickly as I grew into my later teenage years; and I saw my small West Texas town of Canyon begin to shrivel up with the weight of large corporations, big cities, and a corrupt food supply. Through the twists and turns of my life, I’ve fondly thought back on the days I shared with my Grandpa Frank. His teachings, stories of days gone by, and the way he sought to enrich the lives of others have always guided me. It is because of my Grandpa Frank that I have the motivation to encourage you to look into your food supply and enhance your #FoodIntelligence with the #BeefInitiative

Picture of Frank Jones & Othelia Bass
Lockney, TX 1951
December 4th