C3 Cattle

(610) 551-3054 441 Old Creek Road, Lincoln University, PA 19352

C3 Cattle’s all natural beef is 100% grass fed and finished. We humanely raise our beef with no added antibiotics, no added growth hormones, and no mRNA vaccines. Processed at a USDA federally inspected butcher shop.

Golden Ratio Beef

(270) 831-0009 Rucker rd #1 , Henderson, KY 42420

Producing BETTER BEEF through Regenerative Agriculture, Replenishing cellular engines with nutrient-brimming beef muscle fibers, & building resilient-decentralized avenues of trade. Golden Ration Beef’s ambition is to harvest beef with the best inter-muscular fat available in a local pasture raised product. Credits given for purchases in Bitcoin!

American Heritage Farm

(540) 744-2433 7930 Wilson Rd , Warrenton, VA 20186

Joe and Katey Saffer started American Heritage Family Farm to provide high quality food for their own family after they realized their child with special needs developed food sensitivities. With Ayden unable to eat any red meat, and his parents not trusting the pork in the store to be raised the way they needed they took matters into their own hands and decided to go into farming themselves. He's all grown up now (and still enjoying our pork on a daily basis) and now we get to provide that same level of care to families all over Fauquier County and beyond. We work hard to make sure we bring you the highest quality product we can while keeping our prices affordable. This means working to scale up and keeping things simple and local as much as we can. We're committed to keeping farm land farming to feed PASTURE RAISED | Our farm team has decades of combined experience with using grazing to holistically manage pasture. By being thoughtful about how we move all of our animals through the pastures, we use their impact as a tool to improve the land they're on. We believe well managed livestock is still an environmentally friendly food choice when you can buy locally from regenerative farmers. By continuing to improve the quality of the pastures we manage, we are able to reduce our feed costs and continue to keep our product affordable for families. GRAIN FINISHED | The most common question we get is whether or not we are grass fed, and while the answer is no, we ask you to hear us out. We choose to finish our cattle on grain so that they get a little bit of extra marbling at the end of their growth, and provide our mama cows some extra calories in winter while they're still nursing calves. We're working toward growing all of our feed for not just our cattle, but the pigs and sheep as well so we can always say without hesitation that it's Non-GMO and local.families.

Eat Happy Meats

(830) 358-8676 2010 State Highway 119, Stockdale, TX 78160

I was a vegetarian for 13 years because I didn't like the factory farming of 98% of meat. We now have a farm and raise our own happy meat that I happily eat. I know that these animals were well cared for and humanely raised with love and cuddles and the best feed we can find from birth to dispatchment. We mostly raise animals for our own needs but we often have some extra happy animals that are either looking for new pastures or ready for your happy freezer.

Ink Blot Farm

(636) 634-6845 34721 W 141ST ST, Rayville , MO 64084

We raise sheep, pigs and chicken in a regenerative manner

Double D Farm

(000) 000-0000 1725 County Road 228, Florence, TX 76527, Florence, TX 76527

After paying off our debt, and buying our dream farm in Florence, TX, we began raising our own meat animals. We raised sheep, chickens, and pigs for several years as we learned about regenerative farming methods, raising animals naturally, and heritage breeds which produce the highest quality meat available in central Texas. Now we want to share the experience of better health through better eating with you. There is nothing like knowing where your food comes from and being able to see how the animals are raised and treated. The sights, smells, and overall FEEL of the farmyard is far removed from any grocery store. The experiences gained watching pigs root, lambs hop and nurse, or chickens scratch and peck are amazing.


(714) 514-4797 3999 Diamond Mountain Road , Greenville, CA 95947

Diamond Mountain Ranch is an all-natural, family-run ranch nestled in the hills of northern California. We provide high quality, free range, grass fed food to the golden state. Our animals include chicken, turkey, pork, beef, rabbits, lamb, yak, goat and our specialty: Bison. ​ Diamond Mountain Ranch is dedicated to providing a consistent source of a variety of quality meats to conscientious consumers. We raise the majority of the animals on our own ranch, but on occasion we contract with other small ranchers who maintain our high level of standards. This allows us to consistently fill your freezer with the meat you love, grown in a humane and sustainable manner. All of our our animals are processed at a USDA inspected facility and our beef, bison, lamb, yak, rabbit and goat are always grass-fed 100% of the time. This means no grain ever. They aren’t just “grass finished,” they spend their whole lives eating the grass they were designed to! This is a family run operation and we spend time with our animals to make sure they’re well taken care of. We put in the extra effort to make sure that you receive a quality product. As ranchers, we know how we want our meat raised! So, we pay keen attention to detail and raise the best meat possible without adding any mystery ingredients. When you buy from us, you can be confident that you are buying quality meat without additives, as nature intended. When you buy your meat from us, you can be sure that you are getting the finest meat from naturally raised animals with no added growth hormones or unnecessary chemical treatments. We firmly stand behind the idea that, if we wouldn’t put it in our bodies, neither should you! We are currently seeking organic certification for the pastures our animals are raised in. These beautiful fields are chemical free to ensure the animals maintain a clean and wholesome diet. We don’t want to eat random chemicals, and you shouldn’t either. Our animals are raised on the best there is. If you have any questions about our meat, please don’t hesitate to ask us!

Mystic Hills Farmstead

(303) 946-0357 County Road 56, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

Mystic Hills Farmstead is a family farm in northern Routt County, Colorado ran by husband and wife team- Jack and Mikinzie Taylor. As a small family farm, we aim to bring life back to our land by implementing sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices. We raise Katahdin sheep and lowline cattle that thrive on 100% grass-fed and finished diets on our diverse rangeland. Intensive rotational grazing practices are used to enhance the health of our pasturelands, while keeping our animals healthier and on the best feed the land has to offer. Shop online, have the beef shipped to your door (in Colorado only), or come out to the farm and pick up your goods. Also available at the CAA store in Steamboat Springs.

Humble Ranch

(970) 819-7012 Steamboat, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

We proudly raise 100% grass fed and finished yaks in the Yampa Valley. Native to Tibet, yaks are high-altitude animals who thrive in harsh winter conditions making them the perfect year-round residents to Steamboat. We are a small-scale family operation offering local meat sales to the Yampa Valley. 100% grass fed and finished and free from hormones and antibiotics, our high-quality yak meat is processed locally. During the summer months, our heard roams our grazing pastures and during the winter they are fed hay that has been cut from our hay field. This ultra-lean local meat is sweet and delicate and has no gamey flavor. It is a wonderful healthy alternative to beef. We sell direct to consumer and also through the Community Ag Alliance store in Steamboat.

Mandy Gordon Custom Grazing

(816) 668-7928 Steamboat Springs, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

Mandy Gordon Custom Grazing owns and operates a cattle operation in the Yampa Valley of Northwest Colorado. We contract graze with private parties on leased land, and also finish steers on pasture for direct-to-consumer sales. M&M emphasizes land health; utilizing adaptive planned grazing techniques in line with regenerative agriculture practices. These techniques help promote an environment for lush grass and forage, stronger root systems, and healthy soil. We sell direct to consumer and through the Community Ag Alliance store in Steamboat Springs.