Humble Ranch

(970) 819-7012 Steamboat, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

We proudly raise 100% grass fed and finished yaks in the Yampa Valley. Native to Tibet, yaks are high-altitude animals who thrive in harsh winter conditions making them the perfect year-round residents to Steamboat. We are a small-scale family operation offering local meat sales to the Yampa Valley. 100% grass fed and finished and free from hormones and antibiotics, our high-quality yak meat is processed locally. During the summer months, our heard roams our grazing pastures and during the winter they are fed hay that has been cut from our hay field. This ultra-lean local meat is sweet and delicate and has no gamey flavor. It is a wonderful healthy alternative to beef. We sell direct to consumer and also through the Community Ag Alliance store in Steamboat.

Mandy Gordon Custom Grazing

(816) 668-7928 Steamboat Springs, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

Mandy Gordon Custom Grazing owns and operates a cattle operation in the Yampa Valley of Northwest Colorado. We contract graze with private parties on leased land, and also finish steers on pasture for direct-to-consumer sales. M&M emphasizes land health; utilizing adaptive planned grazing techniques in line with regenerative agriculture practices. These techniques help promote an environment for lush grass and forage, stronger root systems, and healthy soil. We sell direct to consumer and through the Community Ag Alliance store in Steamboat Springs.

Snowden Meats

(970) 846-9774 Snowden Ranch, Yampa, CO 80483

From our high mountain pastures to your plate! We uniquely pasture raise and "pasture grain" finish our beef, giving it AMAZING FLAVOR while passing along the benefits of grass finished beef. We are fortunate to partner with an incredible local processor that DRY AGES our beef prior to packaging the product.

Community Agriculture Alliance

(970) 879-4370 POB 774134, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477

Buy local beef and other food & produce at the Community Agriculture Alliance in Steamboat Springs. The CAA allows local producers to sell their beef, reducing transportation and environmental impact while promoting the growth of lush grasses and healthy soils. You can walk in to shop at our downtown store or pre-order online.

Shirttail Creek Farm

(281) 546-8912 4200 Randle Hill Rd, Brenham, TX 77833

In Spring 2017, we sold our house in central Austin and bought Shirttail Creek Farm just outside Brenham, TX (about halfway between Austin and Houston). It would be fair to call this a leap of faith. After a 15 year career in Digital Advertising and chasing the life we thought we wanted we realized we were on a path that wasn’t really checking our boxes and with two wild monkeys on our hands (1 and 3 at the time) we wanted to lay down some roots on a farm where we could raise our kids with a connection to nature and the freedom to run, play, and learn that just isn’t available in the city. And so the journey began. We put everything into building our farm….fences, mobile chicken coops for our hens, chicken tractors for our broilers, brooders for the baby chicks, working pens for our cattle, purchasing tractors, planters and other equipment that we would need not to mention fixing up our 140 year old farmhouse! Well somehow we’re still married and every day we feel so blessed and humbled to be able to feed the amazing community of people that graciously choose Shirttail Creek Farm for their meat and eggs every week.

Raised Wild Texas

(945) 214-5977 925 Witten Rd, Italy, TX 76651

Raised Wild Texas is a closed herd forage based beef cattle operation with all beef raised exclusively on Chambers Creek Ranch outside of Waxahachie, TX. We run a closed herd to protect the health of the animals and the quality of the beef. A closed herd means we only sell beef born and raised on our property. 3rd generation family-owned grass-fed operation since 1961. 100% grass/forage fed. We run a ratio of 1 cow to 8 wild acres. We don’t spray or fertilize, just let the land do what it needs to do. Cattle recieve a lot of nutrients from what most ranchers call “weeds.” Hay from our own pastures though we don’t use much of it. Hormone-, antibiotics-, vaccine-free. We make our own live Apple Cider Vinegar to boost the health of the animals. Steers raised 3-5 years to full maturity and marbling. All beef processed in a USDA inspected facility and dry aged for 28 days for steakhouse tenderness and flavor. We offer individual hard-to-find cuts, to custom butcher boxes, to half steers. We sell on the ranch, in local stores, or delivered to your door in the DFW area. We ship anywhere in Texas. Best of all, COME TO THE RANCH! We will reintroduce you back into the wild!

Duma Meats

(330) 628-3438 857 Randolph Rd., Mogadore, OH 44260

owner grown beef. Also owner sourced pork, chicken,veal, and fish

Cook Land and Cattle Co., LLC

(830) 589-2388 970 Medina Bend Rd. , Medina, TX 78055

We offer locally raised beef free from antibiotics, hormones or steroids. All of our beef is strictly grass fed, from start to finish. We are a small family run, owned and operated company who want to share our clean, healthy, pure beef with others.

(602) 684-5517 4971 E. Rockridge Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85018

Raised in the open mountains and gentle banks of the Verde River Valley, Moon River cattle are grown using the same practices that have been used for hundreds of years. While much of the cattle industry is turning toward industrialized meat production, we decided to embrace the natural and holistic techniques developed by our forefathers. By integrating sustainable practices that mimic the grazing patterns of bison and other large herd animals, we have been able to raise better cattle in a healthier, safer, and more environmentally conscious way. What we do is as far from industrialized meat as you can get.

Red House Ranch LLC

(913) 488-8292 953 Rumsey Hill Rd, Van Etten, NY 14889

Red House Ranch was founded in 2015 by Ike and Dave Mallula. Our mission is to produce wholesome, deeply nutritious, sustainable food that improves the health and well-being of people, animals, soil, and the planet—or simply, real food for better health. We produce grass-fed and finished beef, and pastured pork, chicken, and eggs. While not certified organic, we abide by organic standards. None of our livestock are fed low level routine antibiotics or hormones and their environments are designed to accommodate natural farm animal behavior and assure animal health and safety. Our beef is strictly grass fed and grass finished on perennial pastures that have not seen pesticides, herbicides, or industrial fertilizers for 40 years. Cattle are moved across our pastures using a rotational grazing method so that the soil receives the optimal amount of animal impact and the cattle have access to the best grass for short periods of time. They do not return to the same area until it has sufficiently regrown. Similar to our beef rotation, our hogs are frequently moved to fresh silvopasture (field and forest); they are not confined to areas where manure has been allowed to accumulate. In addition to what they find while rooting, they receive non-GMO feed including barley, wheat, soybeans, and a mix of vitamins and minerals for optimal health. Hogs live outdoors and use the forest shade for shelter in the summer. They are provided a physical shelter in colder weather. Our 1,500 laying hens are raised outdoors. They are continuously moved to fresh grass with plenty of space to scratch for insects and receive a certified organic feed to complete their nutritional needs. We raise meat chickens in the summer, entirely outdoors with a shelter to protect them from extreme weather and predators. They scratch for insects and are fed a non-GMO feed. All our animals have constant access to cold, clean water from the well on the property.There is no animal waste run-off because of the way the chickens, hogs, and beef cattle are moved from paddock to paddock across the pastures.