Wrich Ranches

(970) 234-4125 36965, Crawford, Co 81415

Engaging the power of regenerative agriculture to produce highly nutrient-dense, grass-fed and finished, Black Angus beef. We are a conception to plate operation which enables us to nurture each animal with the vast plant biodiversity thriving in the North Fork Valley of Colorado. Our holistic and sustainable practices feed our family and we would love to be a part of feeding yours.

Sacred Song Farm

(970) 570-5270 6982 Road 41, Mancos, CO 81328

We are a Mancos, Colorado family farm and ranch raising food as a part of nature, aiming to bring abundance to our human culture and local eco systems. We utilize permaculture and holistic patterns and principles to awaken the regenerative capacity of our soils and souls. We raise 100% grass fed beef and lamb, forest-fed pork, and pastured poultry products. We believe in selling only the finest quality products and top-quality products come from animals raised in their most natural state, moving across healthy land.

Brand 2S Meats, LLC

(970) 858-3895 2085 M Road, Grand Junction, CO 81505

Our animals live a natural life! We raise our animals as close to their natural habitat as we can achieve. No vaccinations, no antibiotics, no growth hormones, and no chemical de-wormers. Our animals feed on 100% biodynamic pastures and are never fed GMO grain or alfalfa. Our pastures are grown with only biological supplements; no pesticides, no herbicides, and no synthetic chemical fertilizers. We believe that the health of our livestock translates directly to human health!

Sycamore Farm Meats

(860) 662-0657 116 Christian Hill Road, Higganum, CT 06441

5th generation Family farm offering custom cutting! Self-serve available Pre-orders available Always Fresh Eggs, Steaks, Burgers, Sausage, & MORE!

The Lazy Acres Family Farm LLC

(850) 557-0471 6512 Americus Road, Marianna, FL 32446

The Lazy Acres Family Farm is located in Marianna, Florida and is owned and operated by Ryan & Kelly Ziglar; along with our their three sons, Garrett, Dylan and Nathan. On the farm, we raise cows, pigs and chickens and we sell beef, pork and poultry at our farm store, online store and farmers’ markets.

Bernal Homestead

(919) 924-6603 7383 CR 252, Live Oak, FL 32060

70 acre silvopasture ranch featuring pure grassfed Dexter cattle, Kunekune hogs, and pastured chickens. Breeding A2A2 cattle for dairy. Our herd is small but our pasture and genetics are top quality. Wholes, halves, individual cuts, variety boxes. Contact for prices and availability.

Keely Farms

(386) 690-5199 2431 South Glencoe Road , New Smyrna, FL 32168

At Keely Farms Dairy, we believe in responsible, sustainable farming. We support the local food movement. We feel that farmers should be connected to their customers. We think that cows should live as naturally as possible- they should graze in pastures not feed bunks in buildings. We feel that responsible farming is not necessarily organic farming, but we never use hormones, pesticides, conventional fertilizers, or other unnecessary chemicals on our cattle or our land. We use a biodigester to produce our own fertilizer out of cow manure from our milking parlor. We promise not to use antibiotics on our cows except in the case of a life threatening illness. We do not believe in shipping organic grain around the globe, as is the common practice with organic livestock feed, because this increases our carbon footprint. We grow much of our feed locally and source the rest responsibly. Currently, most of our feed is grass based and locally grown here in Volusia County. We do supplement with free choice non-gmo alfalfa. The cows receive a small amount of Florida citrus (pulp and pellets) with added calcium and vitamins at milking time. In addition, we offer free choice salt, trace minerals, and Florida grown, sugar cane molasses to our milking cows to provide them with the necessary calories and nutrients to give us the best quality milk possible. When the grass is poor, the cows are supplemented with sprouted barley.

Arrowhead Beef

(850) 270-8804 982 Hutchins Lane, Chipley, FL 32428

In the spirit of returning to an era of simple, nutritious and locally-grown foods, Arrowhead Beef answered your call. Founded in 2010 by George Fisher, of Chipley, FL, Arrowhead Beef specializes in very limited breeds of both lean Parthenais and marbled Wagyu cattle. Located in Chipley, on the Florida Panhandle, co-owner George Fisher oversees all aspects of raising the livestock and farm operations. The program truly began back in 1976 with Limousin seedstock production and what has grown out of that is what has become Arrowhead Beef. A significant portion of George’s operation revolves around the production and conservation of forages. In addition to perennial pastures, there are several varieties of forage crops produced for Arrowhead Beef. These forages are grazed or conserved as hay or round bale silage. The other owner of Arrowhead Beef is Tony DeBlauw, who joined with George in 2013 coming over as a passionate consumer who wanted to provide like minded individuals with better access to quality meats. While George tends to all ranch operations, Tony oversees all matters related to sales, marketing and distribution. Cattle are raised in what we call “herd-life harmony™”, which surmises the idea of the traditional methods of pasture raised beef, a life in which the animals never undergo stress and lead an idyllic farm life. Beef processing and aging are performed in small batches, with utmost integrity & workmanship at a local, USDA-inspected facility which is also run by George and Tony. Together, we here at Arrowhead Beef are one of an extremely small group in the entire country that legitimately raise, butcher and distribute their own meats. By being completely "cradle-to-grave" we are able to manage every level of production and ensure the highest level of quality in every piece of meat that we sell. We invite you to share in our philosophy and enjoy some of our fine meats. They're pretty damn good afterall.

Hidden Splendor Ranch

(678) 458-7895 302 Stover Rd, Cleveland, GA 30528

Hey! My son and I own and run a 80 acre ranch in North Georgia. We sell whole, half and quarter shares of Angus and American Waygu beef directly to customers. We finish our beef when the cows/steers are between 24-31 months old to maximize marbling. We finish heifers/steers 4 times a year at small (well vetted)processors near us to minimize stress on the cows. We have herd of 17 "momma" Angus cows and a 100% Waghu bull. They are moved everyday to best simulate grazing in nature and to keep their grass at its best. There are no vaccinations or hormones! Their calves are weaned at 7-8 months to best ensure their health. The heifers/steers are finished on grass with hay and a small amount of non-GMO feed (progressively fed the last 90 days) which we buy from Reseca Sun Feed. We take the finished heifers/steers to a local processor and work directly with each of our customers in order that he gets a customized beef order. Then we deliver our customers orders. We deliver within a 60 mile radius of Dawsonville GA. Looking forward to hearing from you, Juliet Reeves

Hamner’s Farm

(706) 498-7449 1800 Pleasant Hill Circle, Martin, GA 30557

Enjoy the fresh air and delicious meat at Hamner's Farm. We sell farm-raised grass-fed beef and forest-raised pork. We are so much more than a farm - we are a meeting place where friends and families can come to learn about regenerative agriculture. Come visit us at If you are looking to taste great beef and pork products look no further than our farm store.