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Farm Strong II

For the first time, I feel as if I am a part of something bigger than myself, surer than ever that I am working with the best possible candidate for my first-time working cattle, it truly is an eye-opening experience and I feel confident in saying that if everyone was able to see the amount of hard work that goes in to meat processing, the world would be a much better place because everyone would appreciate the people that bust their rears for us to be able to put food on the table so much more.

Written by: @beef_crusader

Farm Strong

An article written by an apprentice of Texas Slim. El Viento is the apprentice of Texas Slim and he discusses the first hand accounts of working on a ranch, faith, and trust in self.

Written by: @beef_crusader

Small Scale Ag is For Everyone

From the perspective of a vegan, small scale ag does a couple of things, the biggest of which involves removing middlemen from you and the end product. Removing middlemen allows one, as the consumer, to find all the goods they could need at a fraction of the cost.

Written by: @Juan_Snow1

I Want it All


Now that we understand the basics and how to order a ¼ and a ½ a cow let’s bring it all home.

Written by: @bitcoinbabybee

The Backbone of a Country


Beginning starts, in the heart of a farmer, in their minds, and through their hands before it appears packaged neatly in your local supermarket. Food is the first step in understanding how to become self-sovereign and take control of your food intelligence.

Written by: @bitcoinbabybee

Just Take Half


Now that we are familiar with the basics, let’s dive deeper into cattle, dairy, and how to take half the cow home. How to order a ½ a cow.

Written by: @bitcoinbabybee

A Quarter What


Starting with the basic of ordering a ¼ cow, how to store it, and what to make with it!

Written by: @bitcoinbabybee

Back to the Future

If Bitcoin is hope, then Austin is the City of Hope. Rooted in its weirdness, Austin stands for openness (to all sorts of ideas and people), fairness (in the sense that if you want something you have the chance to go for it without restraint), and community (in the deepest sense of the word). It should come as no surprise then that the kindred spirit of the city exudes Entrepreneurial energy.

Written by: @clemenza

The Pursuit of New and Productive Soil

"A few years more of increased sterility will drive the Inhabitants of the Atlantic States westward for support; whereas if they were taught how to improve the old, instead of going in pursuit of new and productive soil, they would make these acres which now scarcely yield them anything, turn out beneficial to themselves." quote by: George Washington

Written by: @cannoliclemenza

Proactive Ownership of Your Health

The best defense is a good offense! It's time to take full responsibility for the health of yourself and your family. NO ONE else is going to do it! Take charge of your health and do your own research. Face this with courage.

Written by: Doctor Danner

Overfed & Undernourished Pt 1/2

Jack Swigert and Gabe Brown may have next to nothing in common on paper.

John "Jack" Swigert was a test pilot, aerospace engineer, politician, and NASA astronaut who coined the expression ingrained in most people's memory from the Apollo 13 space mission - "Houston, we have a problem." Gabe Brown is a farmer, author, and pioneer in the regenerative agriculture practice who, maybe slightly less well-known than Jack - became known for the expression in his book Dirt to Soil - "[Houston], we are overfed and undernourished."

Written by: @cannoliclemenza

The Beef with Beef

The Beef with Beef: Addressing the Environmental Stigma behind Cattle Farming (Part 1 of 4) The good, the bad, and the ugly of the story of beef and the environment, and why a study done by White Oaks Pastures has shifted the paradigm around beef’s role in restoring the planet’s health, transforming cows from the villain to the hero.

Written by: @cannoliclemenza

Soil Preservation: The History of Societal Struggles

This next year will be one of the biggest transformational years in our modern-day food supply industries. It is time to get very intentional about your consumption.

Written by: @cannoliclemenza

Overfed & Undernourished Pt 2/2

The idea of the weaponization of food seems almost paradoxical at first. How can something meant to sustain human life simultaneously act as a system of defense or destruction?

Written by: @clemenza

Mine your protein

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In this section we will be providing all kinds of content that we believe is important when you are mining your protein. Input is always welcome!

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