Mine your protein

In this section we will be providing all kinds of content that we believe is important when you are mining your protein.

We want your input. We encourage you to give us your suggestions, recipes, ideas. It does not matter the subject, just as long as we are mining protein together and for our community. (All submissions require approval)

How do you mine your protein? Let’s start by selecting the best cut of beef. Here are some ways to get you started… Beef should be firm, even-colored, and mild-smelling. The muscle fibers in beef don’t have a ton of flavor; it’s the fat (marbling) surrounding the muscle fibers that contains the flavor. What you look for next will depend on budget, cooking method, and personal preference.

The price of beef reflects consumer preferences, which may lean toward quick-cooking, tender steaks.

There are many aspects to consider when sourcing your protein, but one of the most overlooked and perhaps important is the storage capacity and space in your home.

Freezers Have you ever thought about how to store your beef? When mining your protein, the idea is to get a larger amount of beef to last a long time. Freezer info Why buy in bulk? It is an excellent option for freshness and maintaining a budget. Freezer size is important, so let’s plan out how to store half a cow for example! Example: “It’s widely agreed that to fit half a cow in a chest freezer comfortably, you’d need about 24 to 28 cubic feet.” The next thing to think about is whether to get an upright freezer or a chest freezer. Type of Freezer Searching for a freezer can be a pain. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Just follow this guide to search for the right freezer for your family.

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