2022 Educational Series

Bitcoin for Ranchers

Launching June 6, 2022

Bitcoiners and Ranchers both care deeply about personal sovereignty, planning for the future, and a solid plan for managing assets.

Our recent Beef Initiative Conference in April revealed a need for introducing bitcoiners to ranching and rangers to bitcoin – essentially, bridging Sound Health with Sound Money - for a Sound Future. Therefore, as part of our 2022 Educational Series, we are offering Bitcoin for Ranchers, in partnership with Foundation.

What to Expect:

  • Bitcoin basics
  • Why bitcoin matters
  • Acquiring bitcoin
  • Securing your funds
  • Transacting with bitcoin
  • Bitcoin privacy
  • Bitcoin-backed loans


Bitcoin QnA

  • Bitcoin educator
  • Bitcoiner.Guide
  • Privacy + Self-Custody
  • Head of Support at Foundation


  • Bitcoin educator
  • Miner + privacy advocate
  • Head of Business Development at Foundation

Bitcoin for Ranchers is presented through a partnership with Foundation Devices, Inc. foundationdevices.com