The Beef Initiative

Proactive Ownership of Your Health

The best defense is a good offense!

It's time to take full responsibility for the health of yourself and your family.

NO ONE else is going to do it!

Take charge of your health and do your own research.

Face this with courage.

Covid, its mutations, vaccines, and vaccine reactions are here to stay.

What do we do?

The best defense is a good offense!

Here is a list of key actions and protocols that anyone can use to keep themselves or their families safe. Products and information and protocols will create an internal and external environment that is inhospitable to this infamous and unwelcome guest.

I'm talking about taking care of yourself in a way that will reduce the chances of sickness, death, or suffering for anyone who listens and acts accordingly.

Just for your information-

They studied cadavers that succumbed to COVID and found ALL of them had something in common. Pharyngeal effusion. Look it up. It's too much-thickened mucus, viral load, and infected tissue in the back of a person’s throat and sinuses. I believe this is why the testing has to be up the nose because that is where the trouble starts and spreads from. That’s just my guess.

But let's back up even before the pharyngeal effusion.

First off-

Sugar and dairy and grains cause the body to create extra mucous. Give these up. Period.

Studies have shown vegans have a 75% lower chance of contracting the virus. Those are good numbers. I'm not telling everyone to become a vegan, but be realistic. If you have ANY suspicious symptoms, immediately stop making it harder for your body to heal!! I recommend you give these things up completely if you want to have vibrant health, but if you won't do that, at LEAST(at the first sign of symptoms)clean up your diet. Begin fasting from these mucus-causing foods immediately. Until fully healed.

I have heard it said; “we dig our graves with our teeth”.


Since the trouble starts back in the throat and pharynx, gargle with Listerine every day. (It actually says it kills C-19 on the label. Wow NOVEL idea.) The original yellow-colored horrible-tasting Listerine. Do it!!

It’s simple. Cheap. Easy. Effective.

Find it anywhere even on amazon!

Or stop by ANY drug store.


Here are some excellent resources to get information, medications, and nutritional aids. BE PROACTIVE. Don’t wait until someone gets sick!


Educate yourself! Take responsibility for you and yours!!


There are many brilliant doctors who are sharing their expertise and knowledge. Learn about them. LEARN FROM THEM.

Here are a few I know and can recommend. There are MANY more. Find out what they are promoting. They are probably not going to be on the news or in the hospital. And many of them are shut up and censored. YOU KNOW THIS IS HAPPENING. Do your research!!!

Dr Paul Marik MD

Dr David Brownstein MD

Dr Bryan Ardis DC

Dr Darrell Demello MD

Gary Swalfenburg MD

Dr Thomas Levy

Dr Guy Abraham MD

Jorge Flechas MD

Dr Vladimir Zelenko MD

Dr Peter McCullough MD

Dr John Campbell MD


(Again there are more. This is a PARTIAL list.)

IN GENERAL, these docs promote early and multi-pronged treatment. Unlike these pioneers, the FDA, AMA, WHO, and the CDC claim there are NO approved early treatments.

DOCTORS ARE BEING CENSORED and THREATENED BY THE AMA AND THE FSMB WITH FINES AND/OR HAVING THEIR LISCESNES REVOKED if they prescribe ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, gabapentin, mucomyst(or any other common and uncommon drugs for any “off label use”)or any other “early” treatment (even if proven effective).

These agencies recommend “monitoring” your blood oxygen levels and checking into the hospital when you have breathing difficulties. Also, recommended is Tylenol for any flu-like symptoms. (nevermind that 25,000 people a year die from Tylenol poisoning)

This advice is akin to rolling down the hill toward a cliff with no brakes and noticing how far you have progressed until you fly off over the edge. Basically, you cannot get breath so come into the hospital. Then the main(only?) treatments they offer are remdisivir and monoclonal antibodies. We won’t address that issue here.

Please exit the moving car for your own safety! No promises, but a much better outcome is possible. (this is common sense)

So it may not be “illegal” for doctors in hospitals to promote early treatment, but they are being threatened by the AMA that their licenses will be pulled or revoked if they do.

On the CDC website, they recommend waiting till you have TROUBLE BREATHING to go to the hospital. They then begin treatment as I mentioned earlier. (veklury). This has been a death sentence for many.

This is how you will be “taken care of”.

We believe there is MUCH you can do before this situation occurs.

I do not claim to have ALL the information but this email is a distillation that is manageable for me and I expect you to add your own research, expertise, and experience to it. Anyone who claims to know it all and have every answer is not worth listening to. If something is out of line please let’s remove it. So we can all confidently stay well and safe. We can help one another.

HERE IS ONE(the one I use) PROTOCOL FOR PREVENTION, CURE, and TREATMENT of V. REACTIONS and covid and long covid. I am not prescribing ANYTHING to you.

Do these things taking full responsibility.

I am merely educating you on some things I do personally that keep my family and myself healthy. All amounts given need to be adjusted for body weight and size but most are harmless no matter the dose. Numbers supplied are for the average adult around 120-150 pounds.

Be aware!!

The duration of this protocol is four(4) to seven(7) days or until well. Do not imagine I am encouraging you to do this every day forever. NO.

If you did though it would still work. But NO! Don’t waste your supplies. Let go of fear and hold on to good information.

4-7 days or until well.

There is never any danger.

Bowel tolerance with vitamin C.(look it up)(or text me)-this is usually around 1000 mg every 30 min to 1 hour until you have “loose bowels”. Diarrhea. Stay home near the bathroom. (Among many other benefits, this resets the micro-biome and boosts the immune system. Check out Linus Pauling’s work!!!)

Gargle with Listerine daily. Nebulize: 100 ml saline
1 drop iodine (or 1 ml)

1 drop colloidal silver (or 1 ml)

1drop 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide (0r 1 ml) THREE PERCENT!!!

(food grade ideally, but in an emergency, the brown bottle we all know so well will work just fine)

Do this daily, when exposed or when noticing any symptoms at all.

What I especially love about this recipe is it can be given to anyone with no concern about safety. (barring any allergic reaction) This concoction is safe and cleans up that “pharyngeal effusion” and the viral load before it gets out of control.

Any age can do this. Even if you use too much or get the measurements a little off, no one is in any danger.

DO NOT USE 35% HYDROGEN PEROXIDE! (This dilution is poison and can damage tissue)

Zinc lozenges (again putting the treatment right where the trouble is) capsules of zinc are helpful also. (It’s hard, if not impossible, to OD) if you notice a metallic taste, stop taking it. Simple. Safe!

Thieves lozenges or cough drops. You suck on them. It goes into the bloodstream sublingually and also bathes the involved tissues with a well-known anti-critter substance. Also, doTerra has a similar lozenge called “on guard”. Both are good but on guard has sugar as an ingredient. I use both or whatever I have available.

Ivermectin. Order the human pills or get the horse paste. All forms are effective. We can discuss dosages. We can discuss methods. You can find a chart online. Or ask a rancher. They will know. (those guys are pretty smart) Hydroxycloroquin. Get some.

Colloidal silver. Buy some, make some. Whatever. Safe and effective. Check out my video on making silver!

Take iodine regularly. This is a different use in the body than the iodine in the nebulizer.

Take high-quality sea salt daily. A pinch in water or straight. If it starts to not taste good, you have had enough.

Diffuse thieves/on guard oil in your home daily(or at least regularly or often) Vitamin d-3 20,000 iu. Daily. Look up vitamin D hammer!! You can cure the flu in 72 hours.

Click here for a link on how to beat the flu in 72-hours

Vitamin A 10,000 iu. Daily. The considered toxic dose is 450,000 iu. It will be hard to get that much. So you’re good.

Plenty of alkaline water. Put a pinch of arm and hammer baking soda in each water container you drink during the day. Unless you want to test it and make sure your water jugs are alkaline. They need to test green on the little test strips.

Have allergy meds and mucous relieving meds on hand to help with congestion and allergic reactions. You know where to get those.

Garlic is a healthy blood thinner. Boost up your garlic intake. Pills are great but fresh is best! Our bodies recognize and assimilate food much more reliably than tampered with materials. Pure aspirin in a pinch. You don’t need much.

Oscillococcinum. Look it up! Order some. Flu tea. Order some now! Get into the sunshine! This list is NOT comprehensive. Add to it let us know what you treasure in your pharmacy. If you have questions about any of this let me know we can go into depth in future emails.

This is the most important!!


When “flu season” is upon us it will be too late. Not only will supply be down or gone, but the cost will also go up and you need to start this protocol IMMEDIATELY to fight off whatever you might have. Placing an order when you feel like you are getting sick is too late.

Do it now.

Be ready. You probably won’t even need it. However, you cannot expect to get the result you hope for if you wait a “few days”.

Have it all on hand and then complain to me when it’s over “dangit, I didn’t even need it”. Anyway, there may be a friend or family member who wasn’t so smart and didn’t gather their supplies and you’ll possibly save someone’s life.

Above all, when you do this protocol and get better you will feel GREAT! Stay down and rest until you are all the way better. Don’t risk stressing your body too soon.

Here are a few more things to research:

Proteolytic enzymes.

Iota carrageenan.


Apple cider vinegar.

Betadine nose spray.

Sodium ascorbate.

Liposomal delivery.


Supertonic(recipe coming soon)


Stay tuned for my weekly and semi-weekly articles and reports.

I am going to continue to educate and enlighten you.

I logve all of you and I appreciate you staying engaged and helping me spread the word and path to empowerment.

We are in this together and there is a way to win!

Doctor Danner